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Track TsL shipments with one of the convenient tools below. Want more visibility of deliveries to your home? Sign up for TsL Delivery ManagerĀ® for free

How to track packages Tracking a package with TsL is easy. Locate your TsL package using a tracking number, track by reference or track by transportation control number (TCN). You can also track by using a TsL Office order number or the number found on your door tag. Use one of the convenient options below to gain insight on your upcoming delivery.

Not going to be home to receive your TsL package? Keep your packages safe and holiday gifts a secret by controlling when and where they are delivered. If your package is already on its way, ask us to redirect it to one of our thousands of convenient pick-up locations. All you need is the shipment tracking ID to get started.

Want to learn more about how to prevent package theft? As online shopping and the number of packages delivered to homes grow, so do concerns over package security. With TsL Delivery Manager, we've got options to have packages delivered to nearby locations instead of your porch. See what else others are doing to keep their packages safe and how you can, too.